Logos on top of tissues

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Magic Tissue

We can put your logo on the 2cm-diameter tissues.


  • 1) 1pc /candy bag

  • 2) 2pcs/candy bag

  • 3) 4 or 8 or 10pcs/Aluminum foil pack/color bag

  • 4) 8 or 10pcs/plastic tube

  • 5)10pcs/color bag

  • 6)12pcs/color bag     

  • 7) 100pcs/color bag

  • 8) 500pcs white box or color box

    It's magic!
  • Just soak it in water for a few seconds and a perfect full size tissue emerges!


    ﹞  Magic tissue is also called compressed tissue, disposable tissue or coin tissue. There are mainly 6 great features that have made it popular: Soft, absorbent, lint-free, hygienic, portable and 100% environmentally friendly.

    ﹞  Description:

    ﹞  1)Composition: 100ㄔ viscose, which is made from the mixture of bamboo, wood and cotton. 100% Biodegradable.  

    ﹞  2)Size: 2*1cm in form, and become 20*20cm, 22*22cm, 22*25cm,25*25cm,25*27cm, etc after being put in water.              

    ﹞  3) Application: Magic tissues are ideal and widely used for traveling, office, hotel, restaurant, or gifts for sales promotion.

    ﹞  4) Personalizable: Our products are made on the basis of your requirements from size, design to package.

    ﹞  Interested? You can contact us by e-mail, telephone, or fax. We will reply you with our most reasonable quotations.

    ﹞  Want samples? Please inform us the detailed specifications and we will send you samples free of cost upon the receipt of your requirement.

    ﹞   (Email us now at info@magictowel.com.cn !)